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Pride in Primary!

Help Us Donate LGBT+ Resources to UK Primary Schools

How would your story be different if there had been LGBT+ inclusive books at your primary school? What about if your teachers had been given LGBT+ training? How about LGBT+ visitors delivering engaging workshops for each class?


Can you contribute to the eradication of LGBT+ bullying for the next generation by donating LGBT+ books, teacher training and/or a school workshop?


By doing so you can help make sure every child knows that LGBT+ people are a valid and welcome part of our society, you can help make sure that every UK primary school has access to at least one LGBT+ inclusive book and you can help to combat LGBT+ prejudice before it can begin to form.

'Children are not born prejudiced, it is a learned behaviour.'

Will you join us in supporting the next generation of LGBT+ people?


Check our school database to see which schools need support and visit our About page to learn more about the mission, how it works and the progress so far.

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