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Pop'n'Olly Books Donated So Far...

The Mission

Pride in Primary is a campaign from Pop'n'Olly with the ultimate goal of combating LGBT+ prejudice before it develops - by ensuring that all 23,000 UK primary schools have at least one LGBT+ inclusive Pop'n'Olly book in their school library. 

How it Started

This campaign originally launched in 2019 alongside the launch of Pop'n'Olly's book 'Kenny Lives with Erica and Martina' and was formerly called the #KennyLives campaign.

How it's Going

Since then, thanks to generous donations from individuals, organisations and companies, we have been well on our way to completing our mission - freely gifting thousands of Pop'n'Olly books to primary schools across the UK.

Our school database keeps us on track and helps us to see which schools have already received books and which schools need them!

How it Works

When we send books to schools we address them to the PSHE Lead, Headteacher or Deputy Head alongside a letter explaining why they are receiving this gift, plus some information about Pop'n'Olly

Whilst many donors generously make one-off donations, some also choose to donate monthly by becoming a Pop'n'Olly Patron at

There is also opportunity to combine a donation with a Pop'n'Olly corporate talk or company visit. Email us at for more information.

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